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What Tools do Locksmiths Use for Work?

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locksmith toolsJust like carpenters, electricians, painters and roofers, locksmiths use specialized tools that make their work easier and faster. But unlike a carpenter or a painter, a locksmith works very carefully and by all means more skilfully than other trades since a home or a business establishment’s safety is in his hands.

From the time a building or a home is constructed, the final touches are often planned later on. And along with this is the use of the most efficient and effective locks, security systems and of course locksmith tools. If you dream of becoming a locksmith one day, then familiarize yourself with the most popular locksmith tools of the trade.

  1. Installation tools – tools that are commonly used to install locks for homes, offices and cars are classified under this type. It includes basic screw drivers, pliers, files, hammers, drills and bolts. Installation tools are needed to efficiently set up locks for different areas in a home or in an office like doors, windows, garages, cabinets, desks and so much more.
  2. Picking tools – this kind of tools are for opening doors, window and locks without breaking them. Picking locks require perfect skill and a steady hand; the most common tools are manual picks, key tuners, lever picks, tension wrenches and so many more.

Picking tools may also be called non-destructive tools since the locksmith will just open the lock and not destroy the lock at all so it can be used again. There are special non-destructive tools that are available for professional locksmiths like latch opening cards, key extractors and bump key tools.

  1. Destructive tools – these are tools that are used to force open doors, windows and locks no matter how strong or how complicated they may be. These are made of cracking devices as well as pulling tools that are used especially for doors and windows. Tools like pulling devices, grinding tools and door crackers will open doors expertly in case of emergency situations.
  2. Car door opening tools – locksmiths may be trained to handle automotive locksmith services and with this new kind of service, there are also special kinds of tools to use like car opening devices from Boa, Cobra, Viper, Long Slim, Big Jim and so many more. There are also special packages for opening car doors for specific car models like Audi, Ford, Honda, BMW, Toyota, Lexus and so many more.

There are new care security systems that require a different set of tools to be used by locksmiths. There are laser key simulators, tension tools and decoders for car security system codes.

You can only buy high quality locksmith tools from reputable distributors and retailers so take time to do careful research on the most trustworthy ones. High quality does not mean tools have to be expensive so do your research and compare the prices of two to three tool distributors or retailers. It is also important to consider tool warranties since these will be used more than often in almost all locksmith works that you are going to undertake.

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