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Top 10 Stylish And Whacky Door Knobs For 2013

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Now the door knob is the first thing that introduces you to your friends and acquaintances as they make their way into your home. Here are 10 of the best, new and downright whacky door knob designs guaranteed to catch them off guard next time they come over to your place!

Natural Wonder


Do you have a thing for nature? If so then this door knob is what you are looking for! Made from Swedish juniper wood, the wonder has a wooden design and comes in a wide assortment of beautiful colors; it will blend in seamlessly with a natural themed interior design and give your friends something to talk about.

The Hare Door Knocker


This door knocker is designed like a hare and has a unique country styled, rustic charm to it.

Visionary LED Door handle


Are you are tired of getting stuck inside a darkroom during storm blackouts. Well the visionary LED door handle is a “pivotal” design which hopes to solve your dilemma; it comes with a detachable LED flashlight which you can use to find your way around the room in case of emergencies.

Hand-le Door Knob


This artistic (and a little creepy) door knob will give you a helping hand every time you enter, quite literally! Designed in the shape of a human’s right hand, the knob is made from aluminum and is available in a feminine as well as a masculine version. So if you are boss with a sadistic sense of humor then maybe you can install this door knob on to your office door so that your subordinates will have something to thank too even if they have just been yelled at.

Crystal Touch


These sleek, cylindrical door knobs are for the sophisticated person who is looking for something classy and elegant. The doorknob comes studded with Swarovski crystals which lends the doorknob a glamorous touch.

The Pink Heart Door Knob


This door knob is a young girl’s dream come true. Gift this doorknob to your daughter and she is sure to be delighted!

Illuminating Door Handle


This door handle can switch between green and red colors letting people know whether the room is occupied or vacant. The handle is perfect for toilets or even dorm rooms perhaps where students can send out a “do not disturb” sign using them.

The Memo Clip Door Handle


No longer wrestle with yourself trying to find a place to leave an important note when you are not home. This door handle can double up as a paper clip and allows you to attach notes to it.

The Light Bulb Door Knob


Perhaps one of the most unique designs out there, this door knob is shaped like a regular light bulb and lights up when you turn it.

The Imprinted Door Knob


This door knob looks as if the hulk tried to open it up! A single bar of aluminum with deeply imprinted fingerprints makes this door knob one of the most unique and eye catching designs out there.

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