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How to Stop Losing Your Keys

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Losing your keys can be a very annoying situation to find oneself. You come home from work, tired, stressed, and just want to relax after a grueling day. You finally make it to your apartment door all the way up that long flight of stairs to discover that your keys are not in your pocket. Now, you are ready to scream. You start trying to figure out where you left your keys; you empty the contents of your briefcase onto the floor and are embarrassed as your neighbors start peeking out their doors to see what is going on outside in the hallway. After all that, you still cannot find your keys. You are left waiting outside the door of your apartment or possibly in a neighbor’s apartment until the locksmith arrives. You are tired, upset, and embarrassed. Start preparing now so you never find yourself in this situation again.

Designate an Area for Holding your House Keys

Far too many people lose their keys because they are in a hurry to leave, but mostly because grabbing their keys before they go to work has not become a matter of habit. To have a habit of grabbing your house keys before you leave you need to find a designated place to keep them at all times. Most people have a hook close to the front door where they place the keys as soon as walk in the door. This way you will learn to keep your keys here and will also remember to grab them on your way out the door.

Attach Clips to Your Keys

If you always carry a specific item with you when you leave the house, like a purse, wallet, or cell phone, clip your house to one of these objects.  Several people have found this to be an excellent way to remember their keys. This is, of course, fine and dandy unless you lose the item you attached your key on and now you have no wallet or no purse and nowhere to go.

Try Memory Tricks

Remember when your teacher asked you to memorize parts of the periodic table of elements and you though this was a daunting task, before you actually followed through with the memorization? You used memory tricks to help you remember which element had what symbol. You can also do this for something more commonplace such as for keeping your keys. Memory tricks are subjective and different tricks work for different people but they can be extremely useful.

Keep a Spare Key

This is an extremely practical tip that far too many people seem to ignore. Always have a spare key inside your purse, backpack, or at a friends or neighbors house you trust. This way when or if you lose your house key, you will know exactly where to find the spare. Usually having a spare key at a friend or neighbor’s house is the better choice as you can also loose your backpack or purse and then be left without your spare key.

When Worse Comes to Worst, Cheat

There are several key-finding gadgets on the market today that you can also purchase. Basically, the way they work is that you attach a triggered alarm on your key and you carry the button that activates it with you. When you realize that you do not have your key, you just turn it on, follow the sound, and you will find where you left your keys. The problem is you have to remember to carry the button with you.

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