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How To Replace an Ignition

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There comes the time when all cars need an ignition replacement. Replacing the ignition module can be dangerous endeavor especially for those who are inexperienced; therefore, it is better to hire a professional. However, if you know what you are doing and you have the knowledge to rewire your car then replacing the ignition system is easy. Remember to troubleshoot the components first before you do the actual replacement since you might damage your car due to faulty components. You also need to remember that running a blown out engine can be dangerous as well so, you need to analyze your car thoroughly before you drive off.

Before doing your ignition replacement, the first step you need to do is to analyze the problem and check on your auto-repair skills. Exchanging the module is expensive and it will often be quite challenging to remove, so before you begin make sure that the ignition is indeed the problem. Do a test of the ignition module. There are various testing tools that can help you analyze the various parts and the best thing is that they are cheap. If the ignition system is contaminated with a buildup of dirt or salt then it is better to clean it rather than change the ignition system. You can actually hire a mechanic in order to check the problem, so you will not have to spend a lot of time and money on ignition replacement.

If the ignition is indeed the problem, then the next step is to collect the tools you need in order to replace the parts. You will need an electronic tester unit in order to diagnose the ignition module and a service manual to know where the ignition unit is on your vehicle. Service manuals can be downloaded through the car company’s website or you can order it via mail. You will also need screwdrivers, some sturdy pliers, wrenches, and a supply of car rags. Since the compartment of the ignition system in your car is found below the steering wheel, you will need an overhead light in order to see around the parts.

Once you have the tools and the replacement, then you can start looking for the ignition module. The ignition module can be found near the distributor area. You can consult your service manual in order to find the exact location. Once you find the ignition module, then you need to disconnect the vehicle’s battery and turn off the engine to avoid electrical shock.

Carefully remove the wires and the screws, then with the use of a lubricant clean them so that you can open them easily next time you repair your ignition module. Remove the auxiliary components and check the ignition module to ensure it is connected properly.  Remove the old module and then reattach the wires of the new ignition module. Check if the wires are bent or if there is cracking of the insulation. If there are other problems, you need to replace them now. Once you have placed the new module, close the covers, and replace the housing units. Reconnect the cables and test the new ignition module. If the engine works fine, your ignition replacement is a complete success.

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