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Five Tips For Securing Your Home

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Home locks paranoidIt has been almost three weeks since my last post, I’m still getting a lot of emails about home security inquires. Please do yourself a favor and take a deep breath, there is nothing to be paranoid about after reading this post (-:

You don’t need to build a panic room or a bunker to secure your home. A quick walk through, testing windows and doors, checking the sturdiness of the locks, and identifying any “blind spots” or dark areas is the best way to start securing your home. A “security audit” will clearly identify the areas of your home that are secure, and the ones that could use a little extra attention.

Doors and Windows

It’s no surprise that most break ins happen through unsecured doors and windows. Make sure all exterior doors have locks, which include deadbolts.  Place a broom handle into the track of a sliding glass door for extra security.  Make sure all windows have locks as well. The harder an intruder has to work to get in, the more likely he or she will be to leave without completing his or her task.  More importantly, make sure you lock your doors and windows when you leave. Having the most sophisticated locks won’t do you any good if you don’t use them every time you leave.

Check Your Landscaping

Keeping your bushes and trees trimmed and neat will do more than up your “curb appeal” and endear you to your neighbors. Neatly trimmed landscaping  will eliminate any hiding places  for intruders and burglars.  Eliminating any blind spots created by overgrown plants, bushes and trees, will make your walk from your driveway or sidewalk safer as well.


Be sure to install adequate lighting. Motion lights, spotlights, can be a deterrent for intruders “lurking: around your property. Porches and entries should be well lit and all outdoor lights should provide a visibility of about 40 feet.  Motion detectors should be calibrated so they don’t react to every squirrel or stray cat the wanders into your yard.

Install A Security System

Purchasing and installing a home security system gives you added piece of mind. Many of these high tech systems automatically notify the security company or police department  if there is a disturbance. These systems are calibrated to monitor window breaks, motion, and other unexpected factors.  Installing a camera outside your door allows you to identify any guests and visitors via closed circuit cameras before you open the door.  Never allow strangers in your home without proper identification, and be wary of travelers who need to use your phone.

Keep Your Home Looking Lived In

When you are heading out of town, be sure to keep your home looking lived in. Install a light timer, which will turn lights on and off while you are away, mimicking your regular habits. Stop your mail and newspapers, and ask your neighbors to keep an eye on your home and property while you are out of town.  Remove your spare key from its hiding space and give it someone for safekeeping.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to secure your home and property.  A little extra security in the form of lights and locks, as well as some common sense about traveling can protect your home from intruders.

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